Six Feet Under – ‘Graveyard Classics IV’ Album Review

There are certain schools of thought out there that would say Six Feet Under are the ‘AC/DC of the Death Metal World’, which depending on how you view this can have either an ambiguous or indifferent opinion. The mid 1990s were a source of concern for metal veterans back in the day, when Chris Barnes […] Read More


Death Angel – ‘The Evil Divide’ Album Review

Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel have returned with their latest album, ‘The Evil Divide’ (2016). Its predecessor ‘The Dream Calls for Blood’ (2013) was definitely one of my top favorite albums released that year, and ‘Relentless Retribution’ (2010) was a pretty damn good album as well. The first singles I heard from this new record (“The Moth” and “Hatred […] Read More


Mortillery – ‘Shapeshifter’ Album Review

Thrash Metal in the year 2000s seems to divide people’s views a lot. Older veterans of the scene may be overly critical and deem the current renaissance of plagiarism, reviving a horse that not only has bolted and died – but practically turned to dust. Others may see the revival as a new dawn, holding […] Read More


Candlemass – ‘Death Thy Lover’ EP Review

The year 2012 would supposedly signal the world’s end, and along with it, Candlemass‘s end (at least, in terms of recorded music). Original bassist Leif Edling declared that ‘Psalms of the Dead’ (2012) would be the legendary doom metal outfit’s final album. It is now 2016, and the rock/metal world has undergone jarring transformations since […] Read More


Nervosa – ‘Agony’ Album Review

Nervosa are one of the more intriguing bands riding the crest of the thrash metal renaissance that is currently alive and well. Hailing from Sao Paulo in Brazil, they are a three piece all woman outfit consisting of band members Prika Amaral (guitars, vocals) , Fernanda Lira (bass and lead vocals), and Pitchu Ferraz (drums). […] Read More

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