Drescher signs to Napalm Records


Welcome to the family! One of Austria’s finest folk thrash bands, Drescher, has signed a deal with Napalm Records!

Drescher are already widely known for creating something really extraordinary. A new kind of music, a new style, a new experience: Folk music in its most original way, real and honest. In-your-face lyrics recounting real life’s tales with good old Metal chords from the 90’s. Yes, it works & it fits so well that it becomes one at this slightly prophetic and programmatic band Drescher. Their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Erntezeit’ was the start for the huge success of this remarkable Austrian band & they now join forces with Napalm Records!

The band on the signing with Napalm Records: 
“We’re super proud to have joined forces with Napalm Records. A strong partner on our side, who totally understands & supports us in every way!”

Drescher’s music is as natural and certain as their lyrics. Ordered by the sound of their hearts it’s been that way as long as they’ve been boosting their sounds through amplifiers. Regardless of whom- or whatever – it finally had to be said. But where does the name come from? Crossover-metal spiked with Austrian dialect – simply: folk metal. Thrash-metal from the hub of Austria – simply: DRESCH-METAL. This is Drescher.

A brand new music video for the track “Rock me Amadeus” will be released next week. Watch the trailer in the meantime & get ready to celebrate the exclusive video premiere!

Drescher are:
Bernd Wograndl
Gernot Engel
Filip Rado
Roland Engel
Sigi Meier

For more information, visit:

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