Finsterforst – ‘#YØLØ’ EP Review

A hard night leaves the lads staggering home.

A hard night leaves the lads staggering home.

Imagine if Weird Al Yankovic were from Germany. Alright, now imagine if he started a folk metal band with six of his chums whilst in college. With this image in mind, you should have a relatively clear idea of how Finsterforst’s new EP ‘#YØLØ’ will wreck you and your liver.

The Teutonic folkers have taken a step away from their usual blend of epic tales about heroism, philosophy and humanity to a collection of tracks concerning a favoured pastime of many: booze (and its consequences), singing vulgar songs and generally being an inebriated idiot whilst having fun. If the album artwork of ‘#YØLØ’ didn’t give you an idea of what to expect, then you may be left either annoyed or amused – you may find the humour in the ultra-hipster modern viking with his selfie-stick or become savagely violent at the sight.

Typically when a band releases material that is meant to be tongue-in-cheek or simply to be silly, it is either to showcase another side of the band or what they view as deserving of their comical wrath. ‘#YØLØ’ captures both, and the tracks have one unusual trait in common: the songs fall exceptionally short of Finsterforst’s grand track-lengths averaging 11 minutes (A la Moonsorrow).

The first four tracks “Bottle Gods”, “Auf die Zwölf”, “#YØLØ” and “Hangover” play like one extended binge-drinking session with occasional breaks to allow a top-up, whilst “#YØLØ” is the break for a pub stunt to be done before the black out afterwards. “Hangover” plays out as you would expect: slow and thumping with lyrics full of regret and a promise to do more next time.

To hear a metal cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” is not only objectionable but something of a novelty (to say the least) in that it might actually have a metalhead or two growling to the lyrics whilst remaining self-conscious throughout and drinking copiously afterwards to forget the sacrilege.

Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” cover starts the first twenty seconds off with a brief dubstep mix before launching straight into the metal meat of the track which bears a striking similarity to Fall Out Boy’s cover of the same track, with nearly the same vocal propensity which, unless you are a fan of the aforementioned band, will leave you pretty irritated and wondering how angry you can get.

The last track “Wild Rover” is a true drinking song classic of dubious origin that is likely to have everyone standing shoulder-to-shoulder, drink in hand, singing and sloshing along. A more fitting and proper end to this EP could not be written.

What would you expect from an EP with the title ‘#YØLØ’? Aside from the acronym being typically used in the context of a night out, it may just be what this album embodies, and what Finsterforst has achieved. Their musical talent is without question: they remain consistent in their output and always produce a sound that not only keeps up the energy but snaps a neck on demand. Despite the outrageous absurdity, Finsterforst have proven one thing: they are serious about playing metal.

Finsterforst line-up:
Oliver Berlin – Vocals
Tobias Weinreich – Bass guitar
Cornelius Heck – Drums
Sebastian Scherrer – Keyboards
David Schuldis – Rhytm guitar
Simon Schillinger – Guitar
Johannes Joseph – Clean vocals, Accordion

Finsterforst '#YOLO'
#YØLØ’ Track Listing:

  1. Bottle Gods
  2. Auf die Zwölf
  3. #YØLØ
  4. Hangover
  5. Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus cover)
  6. Beat it (Michael Jackson cover)
  7. Der durch die Scheibeboxxxer (K.I.Z. cover)
  8. Flasche leer
  9. Das schlimmste ist, wenn das Bier alle ist (Die Kassierer cover)
  10. Wild Rover

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  • - 7/10

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