The Projectionist – ‘The Gallow Forest Eulogy’ EP Review


The Projectionist are a black metal outfit hailing from the Great White North, also known as Canada. The band found their start in 2015; by February 2016 their first album ‘Poisonous Disengagement’ received a limited release via their then label, WinterWolf Records, with some positive and hopeful praise for their basic approach to black metal with a traditional and uncompromising style. Originally called “Lörd Matzigkeitus” (after the vocalist), the band underwent a name change after the project took on a new life and saw promising development.

August 2016 unveiled their most recent release ‘The Gallow Forest Eulogy’ EP through current label Appalachian Noise Records. The EP sees a transitioning from the traditional black metal sound of their debut album to a Depressive Suicidal Black Metal (DSBM) venture.

‘The Gallow Forest Eulogy’ EP marks a certain level of experimentation from The Projectionist in that each track is a mental experience of mood bleakness as per the genre of DSBM; tracks range from dark ambient interspersed with finite patches of raw guitar strumming to the inexorable agony of atmospheric black metal, to the final slow-plod of black doom.

The album title track is a steady burn until the track “Automation Stare” kicks in, then so does the anguish as the vocals turn to screechy, harrowing misery and the guitars find their intensity, leading all the way through to “Apex of the Void”. The raw production sound serves as the background ‘white noise’ for the music’s character of forlorn pessimism.

“Wyvern Termite” increases the pace and tone with the growls and screeches matching the change in intensity, but the track still manages to dig deep for a scream of despair and desolation. The violin addition to the song adds to the sense of melancholy but feels awkward as it is used sparsely to enhance the overall emotion of the track.

The fifth and final track “Imagined Fortress Made to Give Away” is the black doom that ends this long tale of slow, languishing cerebral torment with the appropriate dirge of grinding guitars and raw oppressive atmosphere built upon each progressive track.

The Gallow Forest Eulogy’ EP is a textbook example of what EPs tend to be: the unpolished leftovers from previous albums or the teaser tracks for the next possible album. Unfortunately neither applies in this instance as the EP feels unsure of itself despite all well-meaning effort put into producing what could be decent if given more time at the whetstone. There are occasional sections that carry miasmatic wafts of Xasthur albeit without the strength of character, and a subtle wink at Wolves in the Throne Room, but overall the EP is more of a cautious step than a brave tread on its own.

The Projectionist are:
Lörd Matzigkeitus – Vocals, Lyrics
Fulgar Exorcista – Bass
The Priest – Guitars
Destroyer – Drums

‘The Gallow Forest Eulogy’ EP tracklisting:

  1. The GallowForest Eulogy
  2. Automation Stare
  3. Apex of the Void
  4. Wyvern Termite
  5. Imagined Fortress Made To Give Away

The Projectionist online:

  • ‘The Gallow Forest Eulogy’ EP - 5.5/10

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