The Projectionist – ‘Poisonous Disengagement’ Album Review

From left to right: The Priest, Lörd Matzigkeitus, Destroyer

Poisonous Disengagement‘ is the original release by Canadian band The Projectionist (formerly known as Lörd Matzigkeitus) and is an album that has been admired for its traditional approach to black metal; true to the accolades they received as a black metal outfit that does the discordant sound on a respectable level: loud, full of misery and lo-fi to the point of almost sounding like it was performed in front of a live crowd with shabby equipment on the point of disintegrating in the band’s hands.

Black metal, as a genre, is an export not typically expected from Canada, but the music coming from those shores tends to be everything and more with the screechy, scraping sounds of metal and skulls being bashed against the hollowed remains of a large oak tree. It must be conceded that there has been a resurgence in recent years of the genre in Canada with bands emulating the sounds of previous bands such as Revenge, Woods of Ypres and Blasphemy. You can’t compare the European black metal scene with the Canadian black metal scene, but there are a few pockets of excellence as evident when a band has made a concerted effort to sound different, and sometimes even surpass the deep-rooted Scandinavian sound.

Lörd Matzigkeitus

Poisonous Disengagement‘ was released via Appalachian Noise records, supported by True Plague Records. The same record label that released their EP – ‘The Gallow Forest Eulogy’ – which Vita in Musica previously covered. The album differs from the EP in that while the former approached the genre in a traditional manner, the EP focused more on the subgenre of Depressive, Suicidal Black Metal (DSBM) and was an effort to try their hand at a sound similar to one of the band’s major influences: Xasthur.

“Epilepsy Opera” gives a notable start with a sound that makes you think the album is actually being performed live until you realize that one of the reasons the album received praise was from its conventional style and you understand that the band went out of their way to capture that low fidelity recording quality.

Following up is the punchy track “Tongueless Lingering Screams of DeSade” which hides underneath itself by playing at a quicker tempo, seen in popular bands such as Marduk or Dark Funeral.

“Claustrophobic Death Yearnings” slows the pace down to near DSBM ranges but doesn’t quite enter that door by not yelling at itself for being weak and pathetic.

Something of novelty on the album is the Twisted Sister cover of “Under the Blade”. Any resemblance to the original heavy metal track (apart from the main riff) is squashed under the throaty screaming and dissonance clanging throughout. It can almost be said to be a completely different song but the main riff is there and can almost be said to be a unique take on the song in comparison to the original.

The only drawback that can be given is that the album starts to circle on itself half way through the album and then starts to try filling out the rest of the album by trying to vary the tempo, treble, drawing out chords (A la DSBM) to the same tune and generally wandering around by itself. The lyrics tend to fall behind the vocals as the screeches try to compensate for the hammered structure of the remaining material.

If you’re looking for a familiar sound that is blasphemous, full of barely contained misanthropy and obsessions with morbidity, then you’re not far from being in the wrong – The Projectionist takes its arrangement seriously to give off a production that is every bit black metal: in instruments, vocals, lyrics and appearance. In short: ‘Poisonous Disengagement is good for a listen and worth taking note of what makes it a worthy addition to the Canadian scene, but a repeat is at the listener’s discretion. For kvltists, you will either nod in acknowledgement or sneer in derision.

The Projectionist are:
Lörd Matzigkeitus – Vocals, Lyrics
Parageist – Guitars
The Priest – Guitars
Belchoir – Drums
Destroyer – Percussion, ambient noise

The Projectionist - 'Poisonous Disengagement'
Poisonous Disengagement’ Track Listing:

  1. Epilepsy Opera
  2. Tongueless Lingering Screams of DeSade
  3. Contempt of Revolting Circumstance
  4. Where are you Kingdom of Her?
  5. There is a Darkness that Will Never See Light
  6. Insidious Beauty Vulture
  7. Most Imperative of Self Harm
  8. Grieve Days into New Wine
  9. Claustrophobic Death Yearnings
  10. Under The Blade (Twisted Sister Cover)

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  • ‘Poisonous Disengagement’ album rating: - 6/10

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