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Italy is a region of the world that prides itself as the cradle of the Renaissance as well as a great deal of classical music; 300-odd years later and the music has evolved an offshoot that is a sublime amalgamation of heavy metal music with major symphonic elements, the variety pioneered by esteemed bands such as Rhapsody of Fire and Skylark.

In 2008 two friends from Varese, adopted the name Eternal Silence for their musical creation and eventually it grew into a force of its own as a symphonic metal band blessed with consistency and longevity. From their slow start, the band quickly grew from two members to the eventual five, with two albums under their belt, and recently released their most diverse album to date. ‘Mastermind Tyranny’ is the effort borne from the band’s desire to reflect a sign of the times and the band’s undertaking a more mature tone; The album deals with the topic of mental subjugation and how the mind’s perceptions are twisted and bent to suit a certain agenda.

What sticks out on ‘Mastermind Tyranny’ is how Cassina’s male vocals careen in each track but kept being brought back on course by Vanni’s powerfully soothing voice. Cassina is the linchpin for Vanni’s impressive octaves and whilst English may not be their first language (lyrics appear poetic in a sense, but come across as a little clumsy in parts), thankfully music is a universal language and Eternal Silence carries a melody that any fan can instinctively understand.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that ‘Mastermind Tyranny’  has a distinct, uplifting power metal feel, more so than what has been heard on previous albums (‘Raw Poetry‘ and ‘Chasing Chimera‘) that had moody, gothic atmospheres. The album waltzes between genres, such as the track “Fighter” stirs encouragement to resist and overcome adversity, giving more steam to the aforementioned power metal idea, but “Adagio” – meaning ‘slowly’ in Italian – is a slow-paced track with lyrics that slide neatly into the gothic metal category, providing the balance the album needs. Essentially the album flits between heartening power chords and then slows down to a pensive pace with prolonged poignant pauses, leaving you with enough room to feel encouraged but brooding at the same time.

The experienced tone of ‘Mastermind Tyranny’ gives the listener an idea of how far the band has come in ten years and still remains dedicated to its art. The album has a commendable array of symphonic elements tightly wound around its heavier aspects sans the ubiquitous ‘Beauty and the Beast’ vocals, but still feels light enough to be accessible to most fans who enjoy their metal with a touch of classical. One could easily place it in the same vein as Xandria, Nightwish and After Forever. Being a fan of the aforementioned bands means you can find yourself enjoying what Eternal Silence has to offer comfortably.

Mastermind Tyranny’ was released 19 October 2017 via Sliptrick Records.













Mastermind Tyranny’ Track Listing:

  1. Lucifer’s Lair
  2. Fighter
  3. Mashed
  4. Adagio
  5. Game of the Beasts
  6. Mystic Vision
  7. The First Winter Night
  8. Foreign Land
  9. Icy Spell
  10. Ashes of Knowledge

Eternal Silence are:
Marika Vanni: Vocals
Alberto Cassina: Guitar and Vocals
Davide Rigamonti: Guitar
Alessio Sessa: Bass
Davide Massironi: Drums

Eternal Silence online:

  • 'Mastermind Tyranny’ - 7/10

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