Deaf Row set to release ‘Buried Alive’ EP

Deaf Row return in 2018 following a two-year hiatus, with addition of new frontman Ozzy Thornton. Re- energised with raw and uncompromising new material, Deaf Row are once again ready to turn heads and assault ears with hot, heavy, groove-laden riffs and thought-provoking, pensive lyrics.

Embracing the band members’ diverse influences (pop punk, 70s Rock, 90s alt-rock, thrash metal, hardcore, 80s nostalgia… the list truly goes on and on), and refining it into a unique style that has been dubbed ‘Adult Emo’, DR have finally found a distinctive sound of their own, and, through a string of highly-successful gigs throughout the South East, have achieved more in 2018 than their whole previous history combined.

The culmination of a year’s worth of hard work, the ‘Buried Alive‘ EP, releasing November 9th, 2018 is a bold musical statement by a collective of four passionate individuals of diverse musical backgrounds, showcasing the fledgling band’s sonic diversity – and offering a taste of things to come.

We hope you enjoy listening to the EP as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Deaf Row are:
Ozzy Thornton (Vocals/Guitar)
Steve Moore (Lead Guitar)
Liam Gomez (Bass)
Neil Price (Drums)

The ‘Buried Alive‘ EP is available for Preorder/Purchase at the following links. (Releasing November 9th 2018)
Google Play

Buried Alive‘ EP Track Listing:
1. Blood, Sweat and Soil
2. The Pain and Suffering From a Tragic Event
3. Endless Days
4. The Death of Icarus
5. Leech

For more information, visit:

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