Varkan launch pre-orders for debut album

Mastered at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden (Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, At the Gates), Varkan are set to release their self-titled debut album.

The band has previously released two demos, “Back to the Butcher” (2015) and “Filthy Human Race” (2016). Their long-awaited debut album, ‘Varkan‘, is due for release March 8, 2019 via Black Monarch Productions.

The band previously the album’s artwork and track listing, which are available below.


Varkan‘ Track Listing:
1. Divided States
2. Shadow Self
3. Eclipse of My Soul
4. Rats From a Sinking Ship
5. Nocturnal Pollutions
6. The Revenge of the Black Queen
7. The Wound Never Heals
8. Born on Samhain
9. Filthy Human Race
10. Epilogue

Produced and mixed by: Joe Asselin at Switchblade Sound
Mastered by: Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman
Artwork by: Efrain Becerra /

Varkan‘s debut album is now available for pre-order via this link.

Varkan online:

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