A Novelist – ‘Folie’ Album Review

A Novelist are certainly one of the more unusual bands in the metal scene, first forming in 2009 via the duo of Alex Bambineaux and Ben Nugent with a relatively simple goal: To form a death metal band. Nevertheless, it dawned on the duo that they wanted to do far more than simply death metal […] Read More

Samael – ‘Hegemony’ Album Review

Samael have a formidable back catalogue with a total of 11 albums, including ‘Hegemony’, out now on Napalm records. They have stood the test of time, moving from their black metal sound of ‘Ceremony of Opposites’ all the way back in 1994; to settle on what is best described as industrial metal with a distinct […] Read More

The Danse Society – An Interview With Paul Gilmartin

The Danse Society are a well known post punk band hailing from the Yorkshire town of Barnsley, UK. A social media campaign was created by fans in 2009 to get them to reform, which was successful. However, an acrimonious fallout in 2014 resulted in two splinter versions: One version with Maethelyiah and Paul Nash with […] Read More


Vindland – ‘Hanter Savet’ Album Review

France is well noted for the sterling crop of metal bands that emerge from their country, the best examples in extreme metal circles is Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord and Merrimack. Although, at the present moment one could be forgiven for thinking it’s all about Gojira, and nothing else. Worryingly, nothing has been heard from […] Read More


Combichrist – ‘This Is Where Death Begins’ Album Review

Combichrist are usually a band that’s one of the entry points into EBM, a music style that shares similarities with industrial but leans heavily towards synthesizers, keyboards, and samples with a notable absence of guitars. Broad minded metalheads wishing to try EBM usually stem from listening to Fear Factory and Ministry; wanting something harsher, acerbic, […] Read More


Six Feet Under – ‘Graveyard Classics IV’ Album Review

There are certain schools of thought out there that would say Six Feet Under are the ‘AC/DC of the Death Metal World’, which depending on how you view this can have either an ambiguous or indifferent opinion. The mid 1990s were a source of concern for metal veterans back in the day, when Chris Barnes […] Read More


Mortillery – ‘Shapeshifter’ Album Review

Thrash Metal in the year 2000s seems to divide people’s views a lot. Older veterans of the scene may be overly critical and deem the current renaissance of plagiarism, reviving a horse that not only has bolted and died – but practically turned to dust. Others may see the revival as a new dawn, holding […] Read More


Nervosa – ‘Agony’ Album Review

Nervosa are one of the more intriguing bands riding the crest of the thrash metal renaissance that is currently alive and well. Hailing from Sao Paulo in Brazil, they are a three piece all woman outfit consisting of band members Prika Amaral (guitars, vocals) , Fernanda Lira (bass and lead vocals), and Pitchu Ferraz (drums). […] Read More


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