Metallica – ‘Hardwired…To Self-Destruct’ Album Review

It has been nearly a decade since the legendary Metallica last released an album. ‘Death Magnetic’ (2008) was met with mostly positive reviews, and won several Grammys.  Then a few years passed that were filled with touring, celebrity appearances, and the ‘Through the Never’ (2013) concert film… but no new music, save for a demo […] Read More


Bloody Hammers – ‘Lovely Sort of Death’ Album Review

There are bands that play hopscotch with genres, and then there are bands that lurk slowly into your ears. Bloody Hammers straddles both categories – the side project of Anders Manga, which often mixes styles to produce an eclectic and moody arrangement. The band serves as a hard rock outlet outside of his eponymous darkwave […] Read More


Finsterforst – ‘#YØLØ’ EP Review

Imagine if Weird Al Yankovic were from Germany. Alright, now imagine if he started a folk metal band with six of his chums whilst in college. With this image in mind, you should have a relatively clear idea of how Finsterforst’s new EP ‘#YØLØ’ will wreck you and your liver. The Teutonic folkers have taken […] Read More


Hammers of Misfortune – ‘Dead Revolution’ Album Review

San Francisco-based Hammers of Misfortune had been on hiatus since the release of their well-acclaimed album, ‘17th Street’ (2011). In that near-half-decade, there were additions to families, motorcycle accidents, and members touring with their other bands  Vhol, Vastum, and Death Angel. And though the album was technically completed last year, primary guitarist/songwriter John Cobbett delayed the release […] Read More

Suns of Thyme – ‘Cascades’ album review

An eclectic but smooth blend of predominantly conceptual psychedelic rock, blues rock and alternative amongst others is what makes up the complex recipe to Suns of Thyme’s original sound.  The band are self-dubbed “krautgaze”, which I was not familiar with until I typed it into google translate and was incredibly amused to see the word […] Read More


Revocation – ‘Great Is Our Sin’ – Album Review

Revocation are without a doubt one of the finest Technical Death Metal bands to ever grace the genre, their first 5 albums were good, not great, not amazing… good. The main issue was production. Second to this was the content, they stick to the story in a world full of constant reinvention but that isn’t […] Read More


Denner/Shermann – ‘Masters of Evil’ Album Review

Denner/Shermann’s latest full-length, ‘Masters of Evil’ (2016), seems awfully familiar. The artwork may even seem reminiscent of the glory days of the 1980s, as it was conjured up by artist Thomas Holm. Holm designed the album covers for ‘Melissa‘ (1983) and ‘Don’t Break The Oath’ (1984), classic albums by Michael Denner’s and Hank Shermann’s alma mater, the legendary Mercyful […] Read More


Vindland – ‘Hanter Savet’ Album Review

France is well noted for the sterling crop of metal bands that emerge from their country, the best examples in extreme metal circles is Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord and Merrimack. Although, at the present moment one could be forgiven for thinking it’s all about Gojira, and nothing else. Worryingly, nothing has been heard from […] Read More


Dead Label – ‘Throne of Bones’ Album Review

Dead Label has supported the likes of Machine Head, Fear Factory, and Gojira. They played last year’s Bloodstock and have also toured the U.S. – thousands of miles away from their native Ireland. Yet so many metalheads around the world have yet to hear this trio of ass-kicking, incredibly skilled musicians. I myself was unaware […] Read More

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