Alex’s top 5 albums of the year 2017

2017 proved to be a year of excellence and branching out in terms of album output and talent on display. As unhinged as the world becomes, musicians remind us that there is art to be made from the chaos.  Choosing five metal albums to represent the year was no simple task, some albums were heavily […] Read More

Realm of the Damned animated premiere

On 20th October 2016, Vita in Musica were invited to attend the animated motion comic premiere of the graphic novel, Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos. After viewing an animated adaptation of the graphic novel, with voice acting provided by the likes of Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth), Jill Janus (Huntress), David Vincent (Morbid Angel) […] Read More

Sons of Balaur unleash debut track

Sons of Balaur have unleashed the first unholy track taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Tenebris Deos‘, which can be pre-ordered here (out 14th of October). The song “Old Relics” is now exclusively streaming via the link below. To listen to “Old Relics”, click here. The band comments: “The track ‘Old Relics’ deals with that religious fanatic and […] Read More


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