Alec Damiano’s Top 5 Metal Albums of 2016

2016 has been an eventful year, to say the slightest. Between all the celebrity deaths and political strife, an onslaught of albums were released by metal bands old and new alike. As soon as we were informed that we were to create a “top 5 albums of the year” list back in the autumn, I […] Read More

Ghoul launch “Ghoulunatics” lyric video

Line your floor with plastic, sharpen a rusty hatchet, and strap in for the gorestrewn melee of the new “Ghoulunatics” lyric video by¬†Ghoul. Using the fantastic tool of the modern day video camera to hurl bloody hails to their diehard and loyal legions of devotees, the visual accompaniment is hewn around the track culled from […] Read More


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